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SubjectRe: 2.2.14 ext3 + reiserfs incompatibility
Florian Weimer <> writes:

> (Matthias Andree) writes:
> > this report is about reiserfs + ext3 incompatibility on 2.2.14 (was
> > already reported for 2.2.13).
> AFAIK, the incompatibilities can't be removed without unifying the
> journalling code, which will happen in 2.5. (BTW, XFS has to be
> considered, too, and whole thing doesn't seem to be trivial.)

It's a matter of implementation. I don't know if there's any trace of
XFS already, and Linux should not wait for SGI to get their gear cleaned
up and packed.

Another approach: each journalling file system has its private
structures (which is a duplication of effort, and may lead to subtle
differences between file systems)---though I agree to prefer the unified

Matthias Andree

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