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    SubjectRe: Cardbus on 2.3.36

    On Wed, 5 Jan 2000, Dominik Kubla wrote:
    > Ok. That does only happen when i82365 support is enabled. But when i
    > disable it as you requested us to do, nothing works: modprobe/insmod simply
    > refuse to load yenta.o ("couldn't find the kernel version the module was
    > compiled for"). Now how did that ever happen? Do i need to compile Cardbus
    > as intrinsic driver instead of loadable module?

    Please do. It shouldn't need to be that way, but I haven't tried it any
    other way - I'll get this fixed up in a jiffy (but I'll also be very happy
    about patches).

    > Yep. Compiling USB as module gave me my keyboard/mouse back. Funny...

    There's also been a number of USB updates recently, so who knows..


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