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Subject[PATCH] 2.3.41 - cleanup file_operations structs
[ Sunday, January 23, 2000 ] James Manning wrote:
> Several factors went into making this patch:
> - Chuck Lever's inspiration from his work which helped make vm_opertions
> structs name-assigned using gcc's initializer extension. (by necessity :)
> - Alsa possibly adding some file_operations struct members soon
> - future cache optimizations may well want to move around members
> so most commonly-access stay in the first cache line (or at least
> functions that tend to get called together are in the same line)
> - Lots of #ifdef's in code just to shove in an extra NULL depending
> on kernel version
> - Makes code more readable
> - Cuts down a large # of lines from the kernel

Same patch, updated. (still just cleans up file_operations struct

- updated to 2.3.41
- cleaned up instances of leading spaces rather than tabs
- removed some benign garbage added the first time
- removed the 3 files from patch that were accepted
(arch/i386/kernel/apm.c, drivers/pci/proc.c, fs/udf/file.c)
- file count is now down from 171 to 168 :)
- 2429 LOC deleted - 980 LOC added = 1449 less kernel LOC

Miscellaneous Engineer --- IBM Netfinity Performance Development

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