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SubjectRe: Updated 2.3.x job list (its getting shorter)
On Sat, 29 Jan 2000, Wakko Warner wrote:
> Any chance for people who use cardbus laptops to beable to use their ps/2
> mouse and the cardbus at the same time? I'm not the only one who has the
> problem. As long as pcmcia/cardbus is in the kernel psaux is completely
> useless and locks up the keyboard. Plus oops's when ejecting the cards (I'm
> talking logically and phyiscally) which noone wants to work with so I quit
> sending them.

I have cardbus and a glidepoint (/dev/psaux) and I have no lockups -except-
30% of the time when i eject/install my aironet. If I eject the aironet
inside X, i have an immediate and full lockup all the time. If I eject at
console, it works 60% of the time, refuses to reload (requiring power off
reboot) about 5% of the time and locks up the rest.

Prior to the aironet I had a netgear 10/100/56K cardbus and it works like
above. Works most of the time, oopses some of the time.

The laptop is an NEC Versa LX, kernel 2.3.X where X is generally current.
More details available if desired.

Open for Y2K - Linux, we never shutdown

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