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SubjectRe: Auto-Adaptive scheduler - Final chapter ( the numbers ) ...
"Davide Libenzi" <> writes:

> I prefer to give a single response to points emerged in this thread.
> Steve say :
> > I really do urge you to go to a bookstore, find a recent book on computer
> > architecture, and try to find out how a modern machine works. Larry
> > recommended a book. Maybe you should try that one.
> Larry say :
> > > : However, I think that Davide knows something about caches as well.
> > Hmm. With no offense intended, that's certainly not at all clear from
> > this discussion. What is it that makes you think that?
> I really like that guys that having read the last Intel ( or Digital. etc
> ... ) data sheet,
> thinks to be God in earth, at a point to judge the knowledge of other guys.
> I really like them.

Agree, we will never succeed in our task by acting like this...
This is the problem encountered by many computer engineers because
of their ego...


-- Yoann,
It is well known that M$ products don't call free() after a malloc().
The Unix community wish them good luck for their future developments.

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