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Subject2.3.41-pre3 linux/tcp.h
Netfilter 0.1.13 doesn't seem to compile with 2.3.41-pre3, this dirty hack
seems to fix that:

--- linux/include/linux/tcp.h Thu Jan 27 16:08:13 2000
+++ linux-new/include/linux/tcp.h Thu Jan 27 13:36:09 2000
@@ -50,6 +50,7 @@
#error "Adjust your <asm/byteorder.h> defines"
+#define res2 cwr
__u16 window;
__u16 check;
__u16 urg_ptr;
Btw, please excuse my last message from coming from address
"" - I'm behind a masquerade and I have mistakenly sent
that message from my local root account.

Piotr Wilkin

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