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    SubjectRE: IRQ clash problems with 2.2.14 and 2.3.33?

    > I have an ABit bx6 Rev 2 and it has shared 2 interrupts :-( (You have to)
    > one is shared with USB and the other is shared with the AGP Card
    > ARGH

    hmmm, I have a P-II based NEC desktop box at work (sorry, don't know the
    mobo...) whos mobo has inbuilt sound, nic and graphics systems. The graphics
    controller is disabled for a PCI based G200, but the nic & audio systems are
    still enabled, and used. When I boot the system, the bios system component
    summary screen reports that all three (graphics is labelled multimedia...)
    are running on irq 11. I'm not overly familiar with the way these irs are
    handled in such intel systems, but I'd assume that the bios would prefer tha
    they be different. I suppose that given that each device is actually on the
    same board, then sharing of irqs is possible, but.....????

    Just recently installed Redhat 6.1 on that box. After configuring the nic
    for bootp/dhcp ip address discovery, the kernel (??) would report that
    erroneous "signal 11"s were detected, & that an immidiate showtdown would be
    done. Didn't seem to be any options in bios setup for forcing irqs per card
    or subsystem. Eventually doing manual config of ip settings solved the
    problem, although I fail to see how an ethernet driver doing bootp/dhcp
    broadcasts is any different to any other type of nic usage, when it comes to
    usage of irqs.

    As win95 has been happily running on that box for ages, I'd say its either
    that Linux isn't coping properly with the bizarre (??) irq arrangement, or
    that win95 is making better use of the pnp facilities of the system (which
    ar enabled in the bios).

    Funnily enough, I also saw this same "signal 11" error when installing RH6.1
    on a system with an Abit IT5H mobo, except that this one reported the
    problem right at the end of the file-copy process. The first time that the
    problem disappeared was when I turned of a scsi cdr drive before booting for
    the install... hmmm..... The bios of that box reports no such irq conflicts
    on boot.


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