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SubjectRe: vm86 in kernel [was: vesafb...]
> So now that this has been brought up, why can't a user land daemon 
> type thing be used to implement accelerated fbdev type functionality?

For a limited subset it probably can. Except that the vesa acceleration I've
seen is pretty piss poor.

For consoles Vesa 1.2 is also a problem due to the banking and the fact we
may want to change bank during an IRQ. A vesa 1.2 bios X server would be a
great hack, but probably not terribly productive.

> description to get the card into graphics mode (or even the BIOS
> could be used for that), and all the complex stuff (acceleration etc)
> can be handled by the user land daemon.

Im under the impression Egbert Eich is doing exactly this for XFree 4.0 to
bios initialise some cards.


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