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SubjectRe: PATCH Replace Via support for ACPI
Martin Mares wrote:
> Hi Jeff,
> > Attached is a patch against 2.3.41-pre2 which adds back Via support. It
> > does so using the new PCI table-driven device matching code, which
> > should make it easy to add other chipsets.
> I don't understand why did you introduce the acpi_chip_info[] table
> and especially why does it contain CH_xxx constants which are equivalent
> to entry indices. To me, it looks best to use the driver data field
> in acpi_pci_tbl[] to point directly to the init function.

My approach is due to future expandability -- if you ever need ANY
per-chip information besides the init function, then you have to go my
way of setting up the PCI table. Therefore, why not use my method in
the first place, and make the maintainer's life easier in the long run?
The extra table is __initdata so the extra couple bytes doesn't even


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