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SubjectRe: Intel 810 Random Number Generator
sottek wrote:
> As a first attempt at kernel programming I've written a driver for
> the Hardware Random number generator available on Intel 810 systems.
> If anyone cares, I can provide a document in which Intel waves all
> copyrights and grants me right to do whatever I please with this
> code which was developed on my own time (I am an Intel employee).

That task is easier now that the docs for the RNG are public :)

> In it's current state it compiles and runs against kernel 2.3.X
> (AFAIK) but isn't really useful. Here's the theory of operation, and
> some ideas for making it useful. Some of these ideas were already
> discusses with Alan and Ted (without code) before I had the waver.

Is it feasible to offer a compile-time option which simply replaces
/dev/random? Or maybe have the RNG driver be an add-on, which is
triggered by a kernel timer to add data to the kernel entropy pool every
N ms. I like the internal test, BTW.

Off to read the driver...


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