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SubjectRe: Unkillable processes with 2.2.12,13pre17,14pre1[345],14
On Mon, Jan 24, 2000 at 08:52:39AM +1100, you [Keith Owens] claimed:
> On Sun, 23 Jan 2000 11:44:16 +0200,
> Ville Herva <> wrote:
> >Warning (compare_ksyms_lsmod): module es1370 is in lsmod but not in ksyms,
> >probably no symbols exported
> >
> >Doesn't that mean that lsmod lists those (as it certainly does), but
> >there are no symbols present for them in /proc/ksyms? Browsing the
> >ksymoops docs, I gather that modules that do not export any symbols are
> >not listed at all by ksymoops. In /proc/ksyms there where no lines for the
> >above modules, as there were for others.
> The current modutils adds some generated symbols for *all* modules,
> specifically to get around this problem. You msut have loaded the
> modules using an old modutils.

Okay, that is the case. After reload they appear just fine.

But the addresses in the ksymoops output are still nowhere near C5D28000
(the PC of the unkillable process). I'm making this assumtion that they
are not even _supposed_ to be, since I can find a single match or nearly
match comparing the PC's of other processes and ksymoops output. So can I
get any sense out of that PC address, or should I just apply the kernel
debugger patch and wait a couple of weeks?

-- v --

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