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SubjectRe: [patch-2.3.40-pre6] kzalloc() (ala kmem_zalloc() of SVR4)
> > Since when has "kmalloc" been a standard name anyway ?
> Why do we have printk anyway? It serves the same purpose as printf and
> is even tagged as `taking arguments like printf' for gcc's type-checking
> benefit.

It is actually subtly different (the <N> priority thing) which I always
thought was the reason why printk() is not called printf(). It is not
called cmn_err() because of different semantics, so it would cause more
headache than usefullness. So, if it can't be printf() and cmn_err() -
what is there left as a possible name? printk(), of course :)

Sorry if I sound like a depressed human - I planned to try 2 new ideas
wrt pollfd allocation this weekend and instead I am faced with a sudden
requirement to fill in TWO YEARS worth of tax return forms so I am :(


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