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SubjectRe: Corruption w/ 2.3.41-pre2
Jeff Garzik <> writes:

> I just experienced corruption with 2.3.41-pre2. Config: ASUS Dual-PII,
> single IDE drive (UDMA/33), no SCSI.
> Was doing a vendor "build everything" kernel build, which failed. :)
> So after correcting the error and restarting, I/O errors on regular
> files started appearing, mainly during really big 'rm' runs.

I have been experiencing this at least since 2.3.34 on a dual Celeron
500MHz box with Abit BP6 MB.

The other day, when I tried to build Mozilla running 2.3.41pre1 it
succeded (it has been failing every time followed by fs corrution).

So I went on using the kernel thinking that it might be working now.
But when I unpacked a rahter large tarball while doing a few other things
at the same time, the result was not good. Some of the files from the
tarball had Input/Output errors and fsck had to be run manually to fix it.

> Haven't seen any corruption yet on my K6-2 (UP) box, but it doesn't see
> really heavy disk usage like the SMP box.

I guess it's SMP specific.

Med venlig hilsen
Christian Laursen

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