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SubjectRE: max file count exfs2

On 23-Jan-00 Gavin M. Roy wrote:
> Does anyone know the max file count per directory for exfs2? I browsed
> through the source, but I didn't see any max's defined. I have a
> project converting one text blob field in a db to individual files, and
> expect to need at least 1K files per directory. Any help is
> appreciated.

There's no hard limit, other than a max of 31998 sub-directories per directory.

On the other hand, performance drops approx. O(n^2) as you add entries to the
directory, depending on your access patterns. I wouldn't put more than 300-500
entries in a directory, but ~1000 may be OK for you. More than that gets very

If you really want to have huge directories, you may want to look at reiserfs,
which uses btrees to index the directories. People have been testing it with
millions of entries without too much performance degredation.


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