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SubjectRe: ext2 file type errors
On 23/1/2000 Horst von Brand wrote:

>What version of e2fsprogs are you using? Latest is 1.18, AFAIK. What kernel
>are you using? 2.2.13 is known to corrupt filesystems, and all 2.3.x for x
> >= 20 do so here (i686 UP, IDE, various compilers and binutils).

e2fsprogs 1.18, and currently kernel 2.2.14. any chance of this
being fixed for 2.2.15 ?

2.2.13 is now banned for a 10 mile radius of all my machines now
after it gave me a not so nice christmas present of massive ruination
of my / fs :-( (3 bloody times !)


Ethan Benson
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