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SubjectRe: [RFC] change in /proc/devices
In article <>,
Alexander Viro <> wrote:

>(I _really_ don't see the point in separate names for IDE interfaces here,

Because, unlike scsi, ide majors are randomly scattered all over g-d's
creation. If you've got some (puke) userland script faking devfs
(like recent MAKEDEV's) it will probably care about the difference
between ide0, ide1, ide2, and so on.

Changing sort order shouldn't matter, but pulling information out does.

>This change is needed if we want to avoid (a) races and (b) major suckage
>with exporting spinlocks, etc.


>If somebody wants to protest - please, do
>it _now_.

Consider this a most vigorous protest.

david parsons \bi/ Until devfs makes it into the baseline kernel, at which
\/ point I will cease to give a damn about /proc/devices.

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