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SubjectRe: Interesting analysis of linux kernel threading by IBM
On Thu, 20 Jan 2000, Larry McVoy wrote:
> : Larry, you mentioned that you had thoughts on what Linux has to do to
> : work on big servers. I'm imagining, given your background and the
> : content of this email, that they are also ideas that won't harm the
> : performance on small systems (e.g. desktops). I must have missed them
> : somehow - could you recap?
> OK, but they are pretty radical. Linus and I have talked them over and he
> has always been of the opinion "sounds good, sounds like it might be
> right, where's the code?". And I'm side tracked onto BitKeeper.
> Whatever, can the people who are really interested in high performance
> take a look at
> and then

Another really good idea; all these papers and references to URLs of stats
utilities etc can be placed in linux/Documentation/references/*

It would be most excellent to have a generic text file filled with all sorts
of these references. Even better to have several such files somewhat sorted
into various areas.

Being that these files are plain text and mostly URL references I think it's
easily acceptable to pad the kernel tarballs a wee bit more.

It'll be quite a treat to have a handy reference list of these critters much
like the URLs in the Changes/


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