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SubjectRe: Interesting analysis of linux kernel threading by IBM
Hi Horst,

> I'd like to see hard numbers of _real_ workloads that'd allow me to relate
> your benchamrk numbers to reality. I'm not too worried about a few percent
> increase in schedule() time on a mostly idle personal machine, I'm worried
> about that few percent on a loaded machine (10 or so tasks around here,
> usually) that is _far_ from your hundreds of running tasks scenarios.

I need the same things You need, I'd like if this patch will be tested to
discover :

1) Performance loss ( if any ) under low wordload
2) Performance gain ( if any ) under high wordload

I don't have testing suites ( other than mine ) and hardware to do this, so
I'd like if someone will give
the patch a real test.


All this stuff is IMVHO

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