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SubjectRe: Interesting analysis of linux kernel threading by IBM

> "my dick is bigger than your dick" marketing rathole which has lead
> all the other Unix vendors into pretty much destroying their own kernel
> source base. All in the name of the mighty benchmark.

I could name a few things in the kernel that do that now :(

> So instead of going after the microwins, how about going after
> the big wins?

Well if the claims are true the performace boost is not so small. I
completely agree that its going to take alot more to improve linux to what
we want it to be.

> In the past, I've outlined a plan that can get Linux
> kicking everyone's butt on 2048 processor (or bigger) boxes. You may or
> may not like my ideas, but the goals are certainly better than what you
> are doing.

I never seen your ideas. Can you point me to this list.

> You're just falling into the same trap that has buggered up
> all of the existing Unix kernels: ``we're at performance level X, let's
> hack the system into performance level 2X''. That isn't designing or
> architecting, that's hacking. And that path leads to a crap source base.
> Please look at the big picture.

I agree. I also believe in a stable and secure system. Look at the eariler
post about my rewrite of /dev/graphics for linux-SGI and its design versus
DRI being port to linux-SGI. It doesn't give the performance of DRI but
their are reasons to use this model for higher end graphics systems over
DRI. Please don't flame me or start this over again.

> $ vmstat

Never heard of vmstat before. Pretty neat program :)

Codito, ergo sum - "I code, therefore I am"
James Simmons (o_
fbdev/gfx developer (o_ (o_ //\ (/)_ (/)_ V_/_

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