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SubjectRe: Interesting analysis of linux kernel threading by IBM
On Thu, Jan 20, 2000 at 11:20:35AM -0800, Larry McVoy wrote:
> There are a number of unsubstantiated statements in this message and
> I'd like to request that the various people who are claiming that these
> statements are true, please back them up. All we need is vmstat/ps/top
> output on machines with these sorts of loads. Benchmark machines do
> not count, only real workloads, please.
> : > Hondreds of tasks is just not a typical (perhaps even realistic)
> : > workload.
> :
> : Yes it is.
> :
> : If you are running a webserver.
> ps -ax outout please.

Our webservers hit a load average of 80+ for about four hours twice a
week. However, I don't want anyone to optimise the scheduler. I want
us to fix our _dumb_ cgis. And we are working hard at doing that.

As it is, I agree totally with Larry. If your load is this high in
normal use its probably a sign you're being dumb. I know we are.

I don't think linux should optimise for the "I'm being dumb and I want
the kernel to solve my problems" case.


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