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    SubjectRe: static int's for proc_change_penalty and tlb_flush_penalty
    On Thu, 20 Jan 2000, James Manning wrote:

    >I'm hoping that with testing over a large number of SMP systems (dual
    >celeries -> 8-way 2MB xeon's at least) that there's enough effective
    >overlap to make this possible... if the "best" values for a given accepted
    >workload vary largely enough over a range of machines, we could pick the
    >"least damage" value and possible have a CONFIG_ option for "Tunable
    >SMP scheduling"? Or would that still be a poor choice for 2.4.x?

    Hmm, I don't think a config option is necessary. If it will be proven that
    some workload needs some special tuning IMHO it would be better to left
    them to be sysctl or to change the scheduler code to autotune things at


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