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Subject2.2.14 feels slow and non-interactive.
I've been using 2.2.14 since it came out, and it has had a
sluggish feel to it at times. When switching from X to the
console and back often I have to wait anywhere up to 5-10 seconds
for my mouse to move, or to be able to type, or for the screen to
stabilize. In netscape, if I'm clicking on a pulldown or
bookmark folder on the personal toolbar folder, I have to wait
up to 5-10 seconds as well for it to open up. It seems as if it
is pulling it out of swap space or something. X starts up slow
as well, and when PINE checkpoints my 20Mb email folders it takes
much longer or so it seems.

If I switch back to an identically configured 2.2.13 or 2.2.12
the "problem" goes away and things seem smooth again. I don't
know if there were scheduler changes or not in 2.2.14, but it
sure doesn't seem very interactive.

My system is a K6-200 with 96 Megs of RAM. The kernels that I'm
using are stock Official kernels from with NO
external patches and NO 3rd party hacks or kernel modules. Just
a plain Jane kernel.

Anyone else experience loss of interactivity and slowdowns on

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