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SubjectRe: _syscall2 in PIC code on ix86
On 17 Jan 2000 20:50:54 -0800, (H. Peter Anvin) wrote:
>By author: Keith Owens <>
>> Please do not change the kernel to add _syscall_pic code, it is
>> unnecessary bloat. It is a userspace problem which needs a userspace
>> solution. I have these working defines for syscall_pic, but they
>> should not go in the kernel.
>I don't really think that's the case; it's a kernel interface issue,
>and since it's just a bunch of macros it doesn't add any bloat to the
>kernel proper.

Except that somebody has to define and maintain _syscall_pic for every
architecture, and for all the combinations of -fcaller-saves,
-fomit-frame-pointer, -pg etc. glibc 2.1.x has already done this with
their generic syscall() interface, why add the same workload to the

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