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SubjectRe: Which sound card
Simon Kirby wrote:
> > > > $15.00 Trident 4DW 3D sound 64 voice PCI bus wavetable
> How is the background noise on this card? I'm a bit skeptical for a $15
> card...
> I'm looking for something to replace my GUS Classic, now that OSS mmap()
> emulation was removed from ALSA, and I can't play Quake and other things
> with it anymore.
> I resoldered my GUS Classic to remove the final mixer and get direct
> preamp output, which made it have very high quality output. With the
> card playing nothing or playing silence, I can turn my Pioneer receiver
> up to full volume and hear only very slight noise.

The core circuits of Trident 4D come from an China IP company
call T^2 (T square) which is basically the same as our SiS 7018
so I am working on imporving the driver.

I have no idea how the quality of Trident 4D is, but our SiS 7018
audio core embedded in SiS 540/630 works great with the most updated
develpoment driver. I have some bug reported from users of DX boards
which can not be reproduced on my chip ;-).

Trident 4D and SiS 7018 are AC97 controllers which send DIGITAL bit
streams to AC97 codecs for further D/A conversion. If there is any
background noise heard, you should blame your AC97 codec not the


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