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SubjectRE: vger rejecting messages from mediaone (ORBS is evil)

On Sat, 15 Jan 2000, George Bonser wrote:

> Anyone using ORBS to filter any kind of important mail is probably nuts.

Too trivial flamebait for DaveM, IMO...

> The funny thing is that their approach does not work. All people have to
> do is set their MTA to relay for ORBS and their database is junk. They

And who is going to do that service to mankind? Requires pretty widespread
efforts... Besides, you can trivially do that without relaying anything -
just email them and ask to be included. I would be _really_ surprised if
request would not be satisfied.

> start listing all kinds of servers as open relays when they, in fact, are
> not. Other lists contain mail servers that have actualy been used to send
> spam and are more useful.

So use them...

> What ORBS has is a database of mail servers that will relay for ORBS and
> servers that will not allow them to connect. Sounds relatively useless to
> me.

Not really. I'm not too fond of ORBS (and maintainer is definitely an
asshole), but...

> I simply disagree with the approach. I might have a bit less contempt for
> them if they did not list open relays for spammers. In practice they are a
> search engine for spammers.

In practice quite a few places are using them. But this horse had been
beaten to death _long_ ago. You know, if I'll want to wade through the
swamp of luserdom nanae had turned into... I know where to find it. The
same goes for most of the people here. Ferchrissake, it's one of the
most boring nanae flamefests. Have a bloody decency to keep it there.
news.admin.* is that -> way.

What next? Discussing the semblance between the head of webtv wanker and
olive loaf?

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