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SubjectRe: mnt_dirname revisited (chroot)
Guest section DW wrote:
> /proc/mounts is a semi-misfeature that you need not
> worry too much about when you design a change.

Very good. This removes my biggest worry.

> We just have "cat /proc/mounts" as a convenient way
> to check which filesystems are mounted.

That's the functionality I definitely want to preserve - particularly
with root-hopping, you very quickly end up in scenarios where
/etc/mtab just becomes a weird mess. Without /proc/mounts, you're

> I think it is unnecessary to make /proc/mount/<kdevname>.

Okay, let's drop this idea then. The only use would be to access
a not-yet-unmounted old root file system. But as you've pointed
out, the security implications are messy at best.

> In particular, you avoid inventing notations like 03:03;
> if there is no name then the thing is not listed at all.

I want this to keep things human-understandable. Without it, you can
easily end up with half a dozen file systems claiming to be mounted
on /. Also, for consistency, fuser should make use of this information
in the future.

> [as noted: presently there is no guarantee that names begin with /]

I guess I fixed this by accident ;-)

- Werner

/ Werner Almesberger, ICA, EPFL, CH /

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