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    Subject[patch] Support for 3Com PCI modem + Generic PCI serials

    I have made a patch that allows the serial.c driver detect 3Com 56k PCI

    However, because I think that adding an entry to the database for every
    conceivable PCI modem or serial port is wrong, I've also added support
    for generic PCI serial boards, that report the correct PCI class and
    programming inerface. This is why the 3Com modem support is #if0ed out -
    the generic support is enough for the 3Com modems.

    I'm leaving it up to you which way will you choose - either just
    expanding the table or also adding the generic support. The generic
    support might cause some false positives, though I think the serial port
    detection code will eliminate those out.

    Hope to see this in in kernel soon,
    Vojtech Pavlik
    SuSE Labs

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