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    SubjectRe: Modules ??
    In <> Syed Khader Vali ( wrote:
    > Hi Folks,
    > This might look very silly as I am learning the
    > kernel internals just now. Is it possible that
    > I can create a module that works with any
    > version of the kernel ( for 2.2.xx kernels and beyond ) without meddling with the kernel.

    Ouch. NOT AGAIN ! This thread (about possibility of binary modules across
    different versions of kernel) is raised quite regularly. Check l-k archives
    to find out why it's not supported.

    > How do I do it without changing the config
    > options and recompiling the kernel if there is
    > any chance of doing it ??

    There are NO such chance.

    > Or I am thinking of something which is not
    > possible at all ??

    It's possible. In theory. Core kernel developers are ACTIVELY against
    binary modules support. So there.

    > I would like to write a module which is
    > precompiled and which can be dynamically loaded
    > with any version of the kernel without any
    > recompilation of the kernel. Is this possible??


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