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SubjectRe: Linux and webserver crashes on 2.2.x (Was: Re: Ok, I give up...)
Well, from you top's I see nothing out of the
ordinary. No sign of memory leaks that I can see,
plenty of swap appears to be free. At the time of
this top your system looks healthy. Was it already
disk thrashing at this time? Or is it just plain
dead once you get the onset of thrashing?

Other things I've see are overspawning of processes
by things like exim and apache... presumably you
have reasonable limits on these and have tried making
them slightly smaller to see if does anything.

I've see init go mad trying to respawn and have run out
of process id space due to the mad respawn process;
large numbers of competing processes can cause disk
thrashing, ie a lot of active mail processes has
brought systems to their knees from swapping and
falling farther and farther behind, requiring more
processes, etc...

I have done nothing with samba myself although others
here have. Are all the known problems with samba
fixed? Could it be an interaction with one of the
client boxes? If there is enought swap, then the
other things that come to mind are in the realm
of dining philosophers, some sort of resource clash?

Do the boxes still crash if smbmount is not there?
Of course maybe that's where your websites are, so
its' not a test you can make.

Use Linux: A computer Dale Amon, CEO/MD
is a terrible thing Village Networking Ltd
to waste. Belfast, Northern Ireland

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