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SubjectRe: How to write to the /proc files?
On Wed, 12 Jan 2000, Mark Hahn wrote:

> > files. I try to find it in the source code but in vain. Can some one
> > give me some points or send me some examples?
> I have a hard time understanding what code you could possibly
> have read. proc is very simple: basically, when you create

I only studied the code about network. I don't know how does
the kernel write to /proc/net/route and /proc/net/ip6_flowlabel
and so on. I can only find the read_proc routine (fib_get_procinfo)
but cannot find the write_proc routine. Can you tell me where they
are? Thanks a lot.
Please reply to and CC to linux-kernel for me.
Thank you.

Zhiyu Zhang

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