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    SubjectRe: time_t size: The year 2038 bug?
    >Jesse Pollard <> writes:
    >> And even then it is limited to 64 bits on a 64 bit system (unless the
    >> compiler is non-standard - ie "long long" type of thing).
    >long long is in ISO/ANSI C99.

    yes it is. but the number of bits is not. On a 32 bit system "long long" is
    64 bits. On a 64bit system it is 128. And if you need more bits that
    that you are out of luck. "long long" is imprecise, I'd prefer a construct
    like "int var: 64". This way I know exactly how many bits are available.
    If I need 128 bits for something (or even 4096) then I can define them. Or
    is there going to be a "long long long long" for 128 bits, and "long long
    long long long long .... long" to reach 4096?
    Jesse I Pollard, II

    Any opinions expressed are solely my own.

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