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SubjectRe: I vote for updated RAID and KNFSD
>>>>> "M" == M Carling <> writes:
> My main point was that the thread had gone on for a dozen posts without
> anyone specifying whether they were talking about 2.2 or 2.3 and how
> clearly this shows that some developers make little if any distinction
> between the developmental and the "stable" series.

No, it just shows that people follow the thread instead of popping right
in without knowing what it's talking about. It has been from the very
beginning talking about including the new RAID and the KNFSD stuff in 2.2.
And for some reason, people didn't feel the need to repeat in each and every
post that it concerns 2.2.

I personally don't care about RAID and even much much much less about those
poor clients of yours on Wall Street (how can anyone feel any compassion for
them is beyond me, but this is off-topic) but I do care about NFS support and
the current situation is simply not acceptable.

> Exactly. Someone who wants stable kernels should not have to extract the
> bug fixes from the developmental updates.

Someone who wants a stable kernel does his homework, chooses a seemingly sane
release, and tests it in his specific environment before actually using it.

The RAID code is considered stable (and even more stable than the old version),
so there's no reason from a stability point of view not to include it.

You seem to be confusing staticness and stbility. 2.2 is meant to be "stable"
but not static.


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