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SubjectRe: loop.c transfer module api
On Sat, Sep 04, 1999 at 04:26:35AM -0500, wrote:

> After reading through the kerneli change logs recently, I see this
> statement:
> Added new config option for using relative block numbers instead
> of absolute ones when calling the loop block device's transfer
> function. This should fix the #1 issue with using loopback crypto
> filesystems.

> Sadly "looped transformation/absolute block seeded IV" filesystems
> cannot be relocated. We often must choose between "stronger security"
> and "operational convenience".

Is this documented somewhere?

Perhaps in the absence of the new config option mentioned above, it should
be automatically enabled if the backing store is a file rather than a block
device (we already know about this inside the loop driver, don't we?). Though
something should winge (the driver to syslog, or losetup to tty) in this case.
And the option should be settable to 'no' to override the default.

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