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SubjectRe: Scheduling inside bottom-half
On Thu, 30 Sep 1999, Linux Lists wrote:

> Once this event occurs, the bottom-half will then "sleep" (using
> current->timeout / schedule) for one jiffy and then generate the

You may _never_ under any circumstances sleep outside of process context
(when int_count is non-zero on 2.0 or in_interrupt() returns true in 2.2).
Sleeping includes the forceful act of sleeping (ex. schedule()) and
anything that has the potential to sleep, such as non-atomic memory

You will need to find a different way to accomplish what you are trying to
do. If you need to perform an action at a later point, you can try a
kernel timer. If you only need to wait for a minute amount of time, you
can busy wait (such as udelay).

# bryan at terran dot org

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