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SubjectIs ide-scsi + scsi-cdrom a replacement for ide-cdrom?
My thanks to those who have replied so far; however, I seem to have asked
the wrong questions. I already know that IDE-SCSI is required to make
CD-R burners work: I have two of them at home. ;-)

I'm more interested in things that the IDE CD driver can do that IDE-SCSI
+ SCSI-CDROM can't. I am tempted to create a kernel binary, for possible
distribution to N people on CD, that contains the IDE-SCSI emulation layer
and SCSI CD-ROM support _instead of_ IDE-CDROM support. This makes IDE
CD-R drivers work, among other things.

Is this a good idea? So far the only problem I've heard about is that
CD changers don't work through the IDE-SCSI layer (I used to have one of
those, too, but unfortunately I don't any more). Is there some equivalent
SCSI command that can be sent to such drivers through the IDE-SCSI layer?

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