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SubjectRe: Re: Is ide-scsi + scsi-cdrom a replacement for ide-cdrom?
> > On Wed, Sep 29 1999, Zygo Blaxell wrote:
> > > I'm more interested in things that the IDE CD driver can do that
> > > IDE-SCSI + SCSI-CDROM can't. I am tempted to create a kernel binary,
> > > for possible distribution to N people on CD, that contains the IDE-SCSI
> > > emulation layer and SCSI CD-ROM support _instead of_ IDE-CDROM support.
> > > This makes IDE CD-R drivers work, among other things.
> > In upcoming kernels, changer support will work equally well with ATAPI,
> > SCSI and IDE-SCSI so that should not be an issue. ide-cd contains work
> > arounds for faulty hardware that you will miss. I think the best solution
> > would be a setup with both ide-scsi and ide-cd, running ordinary drives
> > with ide-cd and cd-r/w with ide-scsi.
> How far is the IDE changer code? Can I put a couple (four) IDE CD changers
> into my server so that it can act as CD jukebox, and this works? The disks
> will be (more or less) all mounted, or probably I will configure autofs. It
> would be nice if someone could patch autofs so that it mounts all CDs under
> /autofs/$CDROM_LABEL, any idea about this?

I have seen with some ide chipsets and/or ide cdroms that ide-scsi doesn't
work. The machine that did this is no longer in service for me, but it
would lock the machine solid with 2.2.10 (it was a delta ide cdrom and via
ide chipset) Sorry I can't give more info, the machine is gone.

I can say for sure that teac ide cdroms and piix4 chipsets work excelent!

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