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SubjectRe: PS/2 Mouse not being detected in 2.2.12
I've encountered the problem too; basically it's due to the different ways in
which the 2.2.x kernels detect the mouse vs the 2.0.x kernels.

To work around the problem, apply this patch for now:

--- drivers/char/pc_keyb.c~ Tue Aug 10 22:17:55 1999
+++ drivers/char/pc_keyb.c Wed Aug 18 21:52:22 1999
@@ -966,7 +966,7 @@

static int __init psaux_init(void)
- if (!detect_auxiliary_port())
+ if (1 || !detect_auxiliary_port())
return -EIO;

(credits to Alan Cox, my own version of the workaround is a bit more convoluted)

I should get off my lazy bum and look more active into a 'real' fix or providing
a boot-time option for it!


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