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Hello There!

I'm searching for info about a project. It's something
like that:

The idea is to build a synth using a microprosesor
like 486 or more as an Signal Prosesor, four generic
sound cards as four DAC/ADC, and a network card to
connect the device with a server.

Well, as I've read and listened, the linux's kernel
has the feature that allows it to fit into a specific
computer, and it will make a lot of instructions more
simple and direct not using another useless works.
(excuse my English, I think I explain myself).

The idea of my project is to receive tips or examples
that help me to find a way trough the deeps of the
linux kernel configuration without get lost into it. I
have knowledge about computer hardware, computer
programming (algorithms, pascal, a little bit of
prolog, basic) so you can tell me how and where can I
find the info that I'm looking for.

If you have it I would be very glad to receive a
feedback from you.

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