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Subject[x86,SMP,patch] smp-2.3.18-H3

the latest version of the x86 SMP/APIC/IOAPIC code can be found at:

this one is a 'release candidate', ie. i fixed all reported problems -
everybody please check wether there are unfixed SMP problems left (or new
ones introduced) and re-report them if so. (just in case i missed

Changes in smp-2.3.18-H3:

- finally fixes Mike Frisch's 'soundblaster IRQ goes berzerk'

Changes in smp-2.3.18-H2:

- we should boot on boxes with certain default mptables now.
(Ken-ichi Yaku, Alvaro Herrera)

- NMI handling fixes, typo fixes
(Maciej W. Rozycki)

- fixed minor bug in smp_call_function(), cleaned it up, converted
to semaphore usage. Other cleanups.

Changes in smp-2.3.18-F8:

- continuing quest to make 82489DX based (and other older)
systems work, typo fixes and comment updates.
(Maciej W. Rozycki)

- 'local APIC timer interrupt interleaving', this is both a
fix for a potential bug, and preparation for next generation
per-CPU timer handling.

- tons of further cleanups, separated smp.c into smpboot.c and
smp.c, cleaned up both.

- potential double-write bug fixed - this might fix the booting
problem on those old ALR dual- and quad-Pentium boards? (if
anyone got one)

- other smaller fixes i forgot about

Changes in smp-2.3.18-B1:

- unconditional NMI oopser. It turned out that we can do this on
99% (maybe 100%) of x86 SMP boxes without impacting timer IRQ
performance. See Documentation/nmi_watchdog.txt.

- old external IOAPICs and 486-based SMP boxes should work now
(Maciej W. Rozycki)

- unused variable space cleanups, initialize_secondary() cleanup
(Manfred Spraul)

- moved all IO-APIC and IPI APIC messages to logical destination
mode, fixed LDR initialization bug, cleaned up irq-vector space.

- 'timer-sync' feature, all CPUs synchronize their time stamp
counters, errors get reported and fixed. This fixes certain
dual-PIII boards.

- the 'set the destination CPU mask to 0' IOAPIC-edge trick is
actually not valid and triggers APIC bugs. Exchanged it for an
equivalent but safe method.

- 8259A init moved out of setup.S
(Maciej W. Rozycki)

- spurious 8259A interrupts get reported properly, APIC error
vector exported and logged properly

- a 'noapic' bug fixed - fixes instability in noapic mode.

- we can inline ack_APIC() on P6 boxes: smaller and faster IRQ

- other stuff.

reports, comments, suggestions welcome.

-- mingo

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