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SubjectRe: Headerless packets hitting ethernet?

> (Yeah, I know, the netfilter hooks added to the unreadability of the
> code...)

To be honest, NF_HOOKs looked as great simplification to my perverted eye.
Hmm... But if you really believe that they add mess, why you did it?
I beg pardon, I do not believe you now. :-)

Yes, they do reading first time more difficult and level
of requirements is increased too. I am almost sure that someone
will start to invent masquerading tricks in 2.4 for new,
believing that they are missing. 8)

Paul, this code looks unreadable only to ones who does not want
to read it. F.e. go to bookstore and buy a book mmm... on algebraic topology.
Is it readable? NO. Absolutely. It is necessary to learn some things
before one day you will be able to understand that it is exciting
reading. And if someone continues to blame on its unreadability
instead of starting to learn at least arithmetics, he will never get this
pleasure and the book will finish its way as toilet paper.

I even would say that before adding one new line f.e. to ip_input.c
anyone passes through these exams and proves that he is not afraid
to dig in unfamiliar code.

You found where sk_buff is located eventually, did not you?
Please, do tell me that it was difficult task. 8)8)


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