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Subjectoverriding ARP protocol in module
I sent a message to this list a few weeks ago about creating a
module to modify the behaviour of the ARP protocol, as I'm helping to
experiment with different routing protocols in this manner. I got several
suggestions, one that I liked the best was to use dev_add_pack() to
register my module as the handler for that particular type of packet.

My new question is, when I insert my module and it registers to
handle ARP packets, doesn't the original ARP code get the packet as well?
Would it be better to hook my module in through
register_firewall() instead? As I understand it, this would then bypass the
original ARP code completely, is that correct?

Daniel P. Zepeda

"In complete darkness, we are all the same. Only our knowledge and wisdom
separates us there." -- J. Jackson

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