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SubjectRe: Mailbox corruption under 2.3.18ac7
Hi all,

> ac6 is the obvious suspect because it adds several possibly related changes

I didn't notice anything when I ran ac6, but since I only ran it for a few
hours before ac8 came out, I dunno. I have noticed something odd, though,
in ac8. Doing an 'strace -f -o s.out gnome-session' in my ~/.xinitrc shows
that a lot of the stuff in s.out is filled with NUL's. Anything from read()
and write() commands suddenly being cut off and filled with NUL's, to whole
lines of nothing but NUL's. I can't seem to reproduce this reliably, though.

Also, I've noticed that sometimes, when I try to quit out of X, everything
stops. I can still SysRq-<s/m/b/etc>, so the kernel seems to be running,
but C-A-Backspace doesn't kill the X server, and I can't switch VCs.

Are there any patches or tests you want me to do?

Btw, I've noticed system responsiveness is completely hosed when I do a:

user1$ cat 70Mtarfile>fifo
user2$ tar xf fifo

X apps take forever to redraw, new apps (freecell, gnomine, gnome-terminal)
will basically take so long to start up that I won't see it till the cat/tar
is done.

-- DN (gcc 2.95.1, glibc2.1, x86) (reply to -- using work
address since I think my ISP & bigfoot are in the RBL still)

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