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SubjectRe: [patch] hashtable sizes for icache and dcache
On Wed, 22 Sep 1999 wrote:

>considered an acceptable fix, even for the short term. Fix the problem,
>not the symptoms.

You are wrong. I fixed the _cause_. My fix was a compile time thing so to
make it working everywhere you should add a kernel option to set the new
value or the old value. We all want it autotuning of course so it was a
missing feature but the fix was correct.

To fix the _same_ cause in a dynamic way I should have changed my focus on
a differen work, in a differen tree-branch and doing a controversial patch
and so I choosed the compile time way since I only wanted to fix the
problem on the class of machine I use (>=32mbyte of ram).

I am very happy to get the dynamic fix too of course and that's why I
CC'ed to Chuck as I was almost sure he worked on something like that.

Now it cames out that the icache is static for everybody out there (unless
Chuck did that), so I can do the icache dynamic thing of course, but in
the meantime I'll __need__ to use the compile time fix to have a chance to
test my code.

andrea@laser:~ > cat /proc/slabinfo | grep inode
inode_cache 136909 136932
andrea@laser:~ > cat /proc/slabinfo | grep dentry
dentry_cache 154681 155000

256 spurious_interrupt_bug 21.3333
724 __strncpy_from_user 20.1111
2023 do_anonymous_page 16.3145
759 system_call 13.5536
921 file_read_actor 12.1184
471 __udelay 7.8500
490 __generic_copy_from_user 7.6562
153 __get_user_1 7.6500
163 signal_return 6.7917
228 sock_mmap 6.3333
479 sock_poll 4.2768
41 coprocessor_error 3.4167
54 ret_with_reschedule 3.3750
410 unix_poll 2.5000
567 free_wait 2.4868
314 ide_config_drive_speed 2.4531
82 get_hardblocksize 2.2778
1654 do_select 2.2473
33 restore_all 2.2000
756 interruptible_sleep_on 2.0323
88 find_inode 1.6923
754 __get_free_pages 1.6391
308 d_lookup 1.4808

Without enlarging the hash the find_inode would be at the first hit with
an huge value. Right now instead everything goes fine very fast and when
the system will need memory the icache/dcache are shrunk automagically.

BTW, but I have not yet asked myself what the weird
"spurious_interrupt_bug" at the top of the profiling is 8).


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