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SubjectRe: uid change in sock_alloc breaks identd
According to Alan Cox:
> > - inode->i_uid = current->uid;
> > - inode->i_gid = current->gid;
> > + inode->i_uid = current->fsuid;
> > + inode->i_gid = current->fsgid;
> >
> > Now in the case of a setuid client like rlogin, the real uid is ther user
> Well your rlogin should have dropped back to the real user except for
> the call to bind() 8).

Well the problem is that rlogin and rsh call the library function
rcmd(). That function _has_ to be called with euid == 0.

The above change in 2.2.7 simply broke GNU libc. All versions ..
For apparently no reason (AFAICS, IMHO etc)

> The above also fixes well designed apps where if you
> ran them under su you got a wrong report 8)

I don't understand, whatever you run under su runs with
uid == suid == euid == fsuid, right ?

Anyway, a Linux-specific fix in rlogin and rsh is possible by doing

.. rcmd() ..

That will work under all kernels, and will not break stuff
when the rcmd() function in glibc is fixed (or the kernel.....)

So Herbert, please fix rlogin and rsh :]

... somehow I have a feeling the hurting hasn't even begun yet
-- Bill, "The Terrible Thunderlizards"

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