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    SubjectRe: strange mounting problem

    Guest section DW wrote:


    > In your case this fails.
    > You may check, just to be sure, that the kernel indeed sees
    > the disk as removable. (It will say so in the boot messages.)
    > Next, you may check in check_scsidisk_media_change() what
    > the return status is of this SCSI_IOCTL_START_UNIT command.
    > Just curiosity.
    Ha, you're right, the kernel doesn't see the HP as removable, only the
    sony is detected as a removable. (/var/log/dmesg)

    > I seem to recall that you mentioned that this disk was SCSI-1
    > and that things are fine for SCSI-2 compliant drives.

    > Now that this fails in your case, apparently because it expects
    > SCSI-2 behaviour, one may try to force things.
    > The ioctl BLKRRPART will do revalidate_scsidisk() which does
    > the required invalidate_*().
    > So, you might try the (of course untested) eject program below.

    This is somewhat Alan suggested to me. So I inserted the ioctl(fd,
    BLKFLSBUF) directly into the eject code from Jeff Tranter. This works so
    far. I have to test it and also your piece of code.
    Also I got a feeling on how to send SCSI- commands to a device. (During
    this investigations)
    I feel now more able to try out things in this direction.

    Thanks a lot for all your hints


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