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    SubjectRe: Ext3 filesystem info?

    From: Jeff Haumont <>

    >Anyone know if the coda project intends to make their ACLs work the same way
    >as these do for ext2? It'd be great to have one set of common commands to
    >learn for working with ACLs ...
    >"Stephen C. Tweedie" wrote:
    >> Hi,
    >> On Fri, 17 Sep 1999 18:26:27 -0400 (EDT), Dave <> said:
    >> > While we're on the topic of ext3, is there any chance of seeing ACLs in
    >> > the near future?

    I'd be much happier if the ACL interface moved into the VFS layer, and up
    to individual file systems to support/not support ACL's. This way the
    implementation would become isolated from the kernel support, allowing a
    common set of user utilities, and user/OS interface.

    random thoghts on, don't take too seriously:
    The VFS interface shouldn't need much over a "get_next_ACL" call, providing
    the inode number and ACL index.
    Jesse I Pollard, II

    Any opinions expressed are solely my own.

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