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SubjectRe: NFS under 2.2.12
On Thu, 2 Sep 1999, Henrik Olsen wrote:

> > > Then let us endure the pissyness for the sake of having something that
> > > works. The patches belong into the stable kernel. The choice between a
> > > subsystem that does not work and the need to upgrade some tools should be
> > > easy.
> >
> > Apparently most people don't agree.

> Or it's a matter of: The people who agree don't complain, the people
> who disagree whine, so are the only ones heard:(

At risk of turning linux-kernel into a me-too-fest I would very much
like to see the knfsd patches go into (and also

Alan has put in a lot of hard work to move 2.2 towards stability and
I, for one, am more than a little disturbed to see that impeded by a
few whiners who can't be bothered to upgrade one small support package.

At some stage, the distributors are going to have to bite the bullet
and issue kernel updates. There were simply too many bugs fixed between
2.2.5(+bits) and 2.2.13pre for Red Hat (for example) to sit on these
kernels until 6.1 (I hope).

So they're left with a choice of:
1) 2.2.something (say 13) as-is. knfsd doesn't work.
2) 2.2.13 + the knfsd patches that shipped in their original kernel.
knfsd works, but not as well as it might.
3) 2.2.13 + the new knfsd patches. They'll also have to issue a
knfsd update. Everything works as well as is possible with the
software currently available.

Option 3 is the only viable solution as far as I'm concerned.

Perhaps if 2.2.13 proves solid, we can leave the old-tool-people
there, and push the knfsd patches into 2.2.14. That way, nobody
needs to feel left out.


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