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SubjectRe: 2.2.13 & gcc-2.95.1
On Sat, 18 Sep 1999, Alan Cox wrote:

> > bunch of assembler warnings during the build? May be those warnings can
> > explain (at least partially) why don't the resulting kernel behave?
> Understand something here. If 2.2.14 or 2.2.15 builds perfectly with gcc 2.95.1
> I will be happy. I want it to build and work with all the new compilers. Equally
> from a production perspective right now we know it doesnt work, right now
> it hasn't had sufficient testing with the patches.
> All Im trying to say is - if you are building a kernel to go out on CD, to
> run on a web server, professionally for a client etc - be aware that 2.95*
> is the wrong thing to build it with. If you want to build with 2.95.1 on
> non critical machines and help change this then great,

OK, I do have several machines which I can experiment on. My next CD is not
that close yet to be afraid of having a currently buggy kernel. Anyway, my
next distribution will hopefully be built 'round 2.4.x...

So please do expect detailed bug reports for 2.2.x & gcc-2.95.1. Sure
enough, I'll do my best to help you in bug hunting.

Sergey Kubushin aka the Tamer < > The impossible we do immediately.
e-mail: SK320-RIPE < > Miracles require 24-hour notice.

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