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SubjectRe: include/asm

On Mon, 20 Sep 1999, wu_yb wrote:

> There are following codes in inculde/asm/spinlock.h
> "lock; btsl $0, %0
> jc 2f
> .section .text.lock, "ax"
> ...
> .previous"
> Is the ".text.lock" a subsection of section ".text", the manual
> of GAS just told me that a subsection is of format ".text 0", not
> .text.lock,

No. The directive here is ".section", with a section name of
".text.lock", and flags of "ax". This section doesn't really have
anything to do with the ".text" section.

> Does ".previous" refer the previous code section, I can't


> find such directive in GAS manual.

The gas manual is not very good. This is partly because gas started life
as just a means of producing object files for gcc output, and partly
beause most programmers are lazy when it comes to user documentation. If
you need details of gas pseudo ops (like .section and .previous), you can
always grab a copy of the gas source. ;-)

Any offers of help with gas documentation will no doubt be appreciated.

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