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    SubjectRe: SMP and mmap
    > framebuffer at the same time as the accel engine. Well one solution was to
    > unmap the framebuffer just before someone would access the accel engine.
    > Then use a no_page routine to put processes to sleep while the accel
    > engine was active. Then once the accel engine was idle wake up all the
    > processes that attempted framebuffer access. Now this soultion is far to
    > expensive. So I have been looking for another way.

    That is expensive. It also requires you create a synchronization point at
    PCI level

    > try to access the MMIO mmap accel regions. This would confuse most
    > cards. How could I prevent this from happening?

    Ok if user space has fb mmapped the user is runnign X11 or a graphical
    full screen app 99.99999% of the time. So why not simply ignore the problem.
    When a user mmaps the fb finish any pending accelerations and stop using
    acceleration in the driver until they unmap


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